Student Services

Functional support for students in the School for Graduate Studies is provided through the school’s administrative offices located in Saratoga Springs. Student Services can be reached at 800-847-3000, ext. 2429 or

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Academic Support

At SUNY Empire State College, there is a wide range of academic support services, resources, and programs in place to help you develop the academic skills and learning strategies critical to your success as a college student and a lifelong learner. Each of the college’s regions, including Out of State, has an assigned director of academic support who can assist you in finding the right combination of online and face-to-face services and resources to best support your academic success and skills development. To learn more about college-wide academic support resources, visit the Academic Support web page. For information about services available in your region, please contact your local director of academic support listed on the Academic Support Regional Contact Information page.

For general questions about academic support, you may contact:

SUNY Empire State College
School for Graduate Studies
113 West Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-6079 518-587-2100, ext. 2429


Free tutoring is offered both on-site and online. On-site tutoring is available at many of the college’s locations in writing, math, statistics, and several other subjects. To find out about on-site tutoring, contact the director of academic support for your region (listed). If you are out of state or cannot make it to a location that offers on-site tutoring, you can get support at a distance with one of our own academic support staff via phone or Skype or with our supplemental online tutoring service. The supplementary tutoring service provides live, on-demand or scheduled tutoring in many subjects (writing, math/statistics, business, nursing, and allied health, etc.) with 24/7 service in some subjects. They also offer a submit-a-paper service which provides feedback on all aspects of writing.

Workshops & Learning Resources

The Academic Support page in MyESC links students to a wide array of learning resources. Live, online workshops are offered each term, including a series of workshops designed especially for graduate students. Self-paced online resources include interactive tools such as the Assignment Calculator and the Thesis Generator and short, interactive videos on writing with sources, building an argument and graphing. The Academic Support page also links to the College’s Writing Resources site, a comprehensive set of online writing resources designed by Empire State College faculty to help students develop academic writing skills.

Health & Wellness

Good health is critical to academic success, and Empire State College offers students a wide array of services, funded by the student health and wellness fee, to help promote student physical and emotional health during their enrollment at the institution. For more information on health and wellness services and programs offered by Empire State College, contact Office of Student Life,, 518-587-2100, ext. 2201.

Local Health & Wellness Events

Events are brought to each location that offer students additional education and activities to help maintain a healthy and well-balanced life while attending Empire State College, and beyond. School for Graduate Studies students across New York state are invited to the local events nearest their home addresses. Offerings have included stress management, meditation, health fairs, CPR training, yoga, and more. To request a health and wellness event in your area, please go to the Student Health and Wellness website.

SUNY Empire Connects

Empire State College also offers virtual activities through SUNY Empire Connects, which allows students to engage with their college community on a variety of topics including health and wellness.

Student Computing & Technology Services

Empire State College provides a variety of technology resources to meet the educational needs of its students. General information about technology at Empire State College is available on the Integrated Technology Services website.

  • Synchronous Learning Activities
    While most of the school’s graduate courses are delivered asynchronously, some courses may have a small number of synchronous (same-time) supplemental learning opportunities via webinar, Skype or other virtual environments. The instructor will make an effort to schedule these meetings at times that work for their students. It is important that students review a course’s syllabus to be sure that their participation is possible.
  • Additional Software/Hardware Requirements
    Due to the nature of some graduate degree programs and advanced certificate programs, additional technology may be required to successfully complete a course. Students will be notified in a course’s syllabus, of any software or technical knowledge required to successfully complete a course or program. Students should familiarize themselves with all technical requirements prior to enrollment and/or registration of any graduate course.

Student Login & Password

Every enrolled student is assigned a secure login and password that provides access to all college information on the web. Matriculated students receive their user-name and temporary password information when they are accepted at the college and are notified via email. Non-matriculated students will receive an email with their username and temporary password upon submission of the non-matriculated student application. Students can create a secure permanent password and security questions to manage future password resets. As best practice, a password must be eight characters in length and contain upper- and lower-case characters, a special character, and at least one number. Dictionary terms should be avoided as they can easily be guessed.

Privacy & Security

To protect students’ privacy, many Empire State College web services are password protected and restricted to enrolled or admitted Empire State College students. Students should take precautions to protect their login and password information. Our college’s web privacy policy and security practices outline the ways in which we protect your personal information.

Students who believe their password has been compromised should change their password immediately or contact the IT Service Desk.

Web-based Student Services & Information

The MyESC portal provides students with a single point of access to online services, information, and learning resources. With a college login, students can register for courses, view personal academic and account information, complete financial aid requests, update address and email information, change passwords, order books, etc. MyESC connects students to resources that support academic endeavors including library services, information about study opportunities, and sources of academic support. Key announcements and news items are posted on MyESC and college offices maintain information and contact numbers through this portal. Information specifically for School for Graduate Studies students is located on the Graduate Student Center on MyESC.

Student Computers

Most Empire State College locations maintain personal computers for student use. Students without home access can use these computers (PCs) to access their personal records through MyESC. Computers at our New York state locations also maybe equipped with academic software for student use. These computers can be used for a variety of learning activities including degree planning; access to the college library website; computer literacy; computer programming; business computer applications (spreadsheets, word processors, and database management); computer-mediated instruction; and for studies requiring computation such as statistics, social science research, and business quantitative methods.

Each location also maintains a kiosk computer that students can use to connect with MyESC services.


Email is a very important communications method in the college. Every member of the college community has a college email address, and every administrative office uses email to communicate with students. Empire State College students must have a private email account and maintain a valid email address in our student information system for online registration. Students who do not have a personal email account can find information for establishing a free service at our IT Service Desk website. It is important that students report changes in their personal email addresses to the college. This can be done online on the MyESC Student portal using the "Update Personal Information" icon.

Online Tools

Many instructors use technology tools to support learning and to promote collaboration. Students may participate in online discussions and submit online assignments through the college’s web-based Learning Management System. Web conferencing is used to connect students and faculty at a distance. Students have access to electronic portfolio space to collect and share their work.

Student, Faculty & Staff Web Pages

The college provides resources for Empire State College students, faculty, and staff to explore individual and professional web publishing for sites that are not considered official college content, but which are related to the author’s role and affiliation with the college.

Enrolled students can request an FTP account on a college server to host a site for course-related purposes. All users agree to follow the college’s web and computer user policies. Some ESC faculty and staff have created websites accessible to students.

For more information about individual web publishing at the college, please refer visit the Service Desk.

Getting Help

The college’s technology website and Service Desk, has the most current information about all of the college’s technology tools and offers online assistance. Students in need of technical assistance in using Empire State College technology applications can contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone at 800-847-3000, ext. 2420, or 888-HELP009. Please check the Service Desk website for the most current hours of operation.

Student Identification Numbers & ID Cards

When you enroll at Empire State College, you will be assigned a nine-digit Empire State College-ID number, which will be used to identify your records at the college. This number is assigned so that you do not have to use your Social Security number. Check with graduate student services if you do not know your Empire State College ID number.

The college issues ID cards to active students upon request. Most of the students need ID cards to check out books or use library facilities at SUNY or CUNY colleges and universities. To request your ID card, send an email to and attach a digital photo in .jpg format. The photo should be a headshot and may be in color or black and white. Processing usually takes approximately two weeks. The completed ID card will be mailed to you.


SUNY Empire uses Missouri Book Services (MBS), a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble College Booksellers, for the college’s bookstore operations. This partnership ensures enhanced customer service and provides a number of benefits including: free ground shipping on all orders; textbook rentals; extended customer service hours; and use of financial aid to defer the cost of course materials purchases. Students who utilize the bookstore may receive periodic updates, confirmations, and other emails directly from Missouri Book Services in their inboxes as email from BNC Services. Visit the SUNY Empire State College Bookstore for the most updated information regarding textbook and other course material access.

Accessibility Resources & Services

A qualified person with a disability who meets the academic and technical standards required to enroll in and participate in the Empire State College program shall be provided an equal opportunity to obtain a degree in the most integrated setting appropriate to that person’s needs. Empire State College will make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Each student’s needs are considered on an individual basis through consultation with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services.

The flexible nature of our degree programs make Empire State College an ideal place for a motivated, independent learner with a disability to obtain a degree. Accommodations can be arranged through the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services. Students should notify this office of his or her request for accommodations by completing the request for accommodations form found online (see section on policy and procedures located elsewhere in this catalog). The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services is able to notify the student’s advisor and instructors of his or her need for accommodations:

Office of Accessibility Resources and Services
Andrea Piazza-Victor, disability specialist
Melissa Zgliczynski, director
518-587-2100, ext. 2244

The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services will contact you when the request for accommodations form is received and may request current documentation of your disability so effective accommodations can be determined.

Empire State College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. No otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any activity of the college solely by reason of his or her disability. Please visit the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services website or see the section on Policies and Procedures for further information.

Office of Veteran & Military Education

The Office of Veteran and Military Education develops programs and services that support the educational needs of active-duty, guard and reserve service members, and veterans and their family members, whether they are in the United States or abroad. Dedicated staff and resources are available from application through graduation for pre-enrollment advising, preliminary review of military transcripts, guidance with military and veteran funding, and assistance with application and registration.

SUNY Empire State College is a committed military partner, and a DOD MOU and Principles of Excellence signatory. Active duty programs include, U.S. Air Force Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AU-ABC), General Education Mobile (GEM) program, and GoArmyEd.

For information please contact:

Office of Veteran and Military Education
1 Union Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4309
518-587-2100, ext. 2779
800-847-3000, ext. 2779
fax 518-587-5483

Student Records

Permanent Record

Empire State College is required by State University of New York policy to keep complete student record information for six years after the student has left the college. After that time, only permanent record information is maintained.

Currently, permanent record information comprises:

  • Official transcript documents, including all contract evaluations for credit awarded September 2011 and prior, and
  • a degree program, if approved.

Prior to 1993, only official transcript documents were maintained as the permanent record.


An official transcript from Empire State College consists of:

1.Summary transcript page displaying all attempted courses in chronological order and outcomes/grades awarded. A cumulative grade point average will be computed for all courses with letter grades awarded.

2.The program summary (assessment credit and courses to be completed at the college) if applicable to program.

Confidentiality of Student Records

Empire State College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The act ensures that both current and former students have the right to inspect their education records, to consent to release of their education records to a third party, and to question information contained in the education records. Recorded information, except directory information, is not made freely available to individuals outside the school without consent. The college’s full policy on adherence to FERPA is located in the Policies and Procedures section located elsewhere in this catalog.

Student Problem Resolution

While Empire State College strives to ensure a positive educational experience, sometimes there are differences of opinion and confusion. The student service professionals direct students to the most appropriate offices or resources, and advise students of appropriate avenues for appeal/grievance. The student service professional serves not as an advocate for either party, but rather as a neutral investigator and facilitator. The student service professional for the School for Graduate Studies is:

Patricia Ryan
Director of Graduate Student and Academic Services
School for Graduate Studies
SUNY Empire State College
113 West Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-6079
518-587-2100, ext. 2267

Students are responsible for understanding and abiding by the policies and procedures of the college. For more information on college policies and procedures, see the Policies and Procedures section of this catalog, which includes the policies on student conduct, grievances, academic appeals, and accommodations for students with disabilities. This information also is available on the college’s website and on MyESC in the My Bookmarks section through the College Policies link.

Students must first attempt to resolve the problem with the student service professional at the School for Graduate Studies. In the event that a student complaint cannot be resolved through the location,the student may contact the college’s Office of Academic Affairs:

Director of Collegewide Student Services
Office of Academic Affairs
1 Union Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4390
fax 518-587 5592

Who to Contact

In primarily online programs like those offered through the School for Graduate Studies, it is often important to know whom to contact. Questions about a particular course should be directed to your course instructor. You can obtain his or her contact information from the web-based course. For academic advice, contact your academic advisor. If you need to reach the chair and/or the coordinator of your program, contact the Graduate Student Services office, and they will provide you with this information. The contact information for the school's leadership, professional staff, chairs and program coordinators can also be found in the Administrative Personnel section of this catalog.

The general contact information for the School for Graduate Studies is:

SUNY Empire State College
School for Graduate Studies
113 West Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-6079
518-587-2100 or 800-847-3000, ext. 2429
fax 518-587-9760