Student Activities

Alumni Student Association

Many of the college’s locations and programs have active alumni student associations and others are being formed all the time. These associations are overseen by the Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors. The purpose of this federation board is to serve as a liaison with the college, act as an advocate for students and alumni, and to coordinate and provide programs to advance the college and its mission.

Within this framework, the specific activities of the local associations vary according to circumstance and interests. Student recruitment and retention, social and cultural events, online groups, fundraising, and academic program support are among the activities the alumni student associations pursue.

If you are interested in becoming involved, volunteering to support students or just learning more about activities and events, please contact Alumni and Student Relations at 518-587-2100, ext. 2344, or visit the website.

Student Activity Fee Committee

The Student Activity Fee Committee is made up of students collegewide. They are nominated by faculty and staff and there is also a self-nomination process. The committee convenes annually in Saratoga Springs to review all proposals for student activity fee dollars and to decide the allocations. The committee works directly with Alumni and Student Relations.

Student Representation in College Governance

Students have the opportunity to represent the student body on the college Senate and its standing committees. Regional alumni student associations, with the guidance of a location or program administrator, select student representatives and alternates. A student must be enrolled during the term of service and may be elected to two consecutive two-year terms.

Students in College Governance

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) acts on behalf of students in the review and recommendation of all matters of concern to students. The Student Affairs Committee has a faculty or staff representative and student representative from each location.

Additionally, one student representative is selected to serve on each of the following committees: College Senate, the Integrated Technology Committee, and the Graduate Studies and Policy Committee.

The Senate and standing committees meet throughout the year. These meetings may be a combination of face-to-face and virtual. Meetings are held during the week, and, except for rare occasions, the meetings are one-day long. Student representatives’ travel costs are supported by the student activity fee.

SUNY Student Assembly

Each SUNY campus has an elected student representative to the SUNY Student Assembly. This governance body represents the interests of SUNY students statewide. The Student Affairs Committee selects the Empire State College representative to the SUNY Student Assembly.


When a graduate student is in his or her last term of enrollment, the graduation application must be completed. The application is available through Self Service Banner on MyESC. Once in your profile, you will see a link on the left-hand side of the page titled Application to Graduate. Click on this link to begin the application.

Students in the School for Graduate Studies are ready to graduate when they have satisfactorily met the requirements of their program. Once the School for Graduate Studies ensures that this has occurred, the student's record will be reviewed by the Office of the Registrar for graduation clearance. The Office of the Registrar will assign a degree award date, which will be the first of the following month. Transcripts showing the awarding of the degree can be ordered as soon as the Office of the Registrar assigns a degree award date. Diplomas/certificates are mailed to students.


Empire State College takes great pride in its graduates and their accomplishments. Commencement ceremonies create an official public expression of achievement. For the degree candidates, it is a time to experience the larger college, to meet other candidates, faculty, and administration. It is a key time to remind candidates of their sense of belonging to the college as they join the alumni constituency. The ceremony is a formal event with speakers and regalia. Diplomas/certificates are mailed to students and not distributed at the commencement ceremony.

In the fall and spring term, the School for Graduate Studies will notify graduates of the process for participating in a commencement ceremony. Details will be sent to students who are eligible to participate. If you have questions, please contact or view the commencement web page.

College Council

A student is selected from one of the academic locations to serve on the College Council. The terms are for two years and rotate among the academic locations.

Student Clubs & Organizations

The college passed a clubs and organizations recognition policy in March 2010. The development of formally recognized clubs and organizations began shortly after this. The college currently has 16 recognized clubs which meet at locations across the college. You should inquire with your student service coordinator for more information about joining any of the current clubs. A complete listing can be found on the Student Clubs website.

If you are interested in starting a new club or organization at the college and you have a faculty advisor, please contact Danielle Boardman, coordinator of student life,at to begin the application process.