Student Computing and Technology Services

SUNY Empire provides a variety of technology resources to meet the educational needs of its students. General information about technology at SUNY Empire is available on the Student Technology web page.

Student Login and Password

Every enrolled student is assigned a college username and password that provides access to all secure college information on the web. Students receive an email with their username and password when accepted to the college. Students can create a secure permanent password and security questions to manage future password resets at the Self Service Password Management web page.

Privacy and Security

To protect students’ privacy, many SUNY Empire web services are password protected and restricted to enrolled or admitted SUNY Empire students. Students should take precautions to protect their login and password information. Our college’s privacy policy and security practices outline the ways in which we protect your personal information. For more information, please see the college's Web Privacy policy.

Students who believe their password has been compromised should change their password immediately at the Self Service Password Management web page or the contact the IT Service Desk.

Web-based Student Services and Information - MyESC

The MyESC website provides students with a single point of access to online services, information and learning resources. With a college login, students can register for studies, view personal academic and account information, complete financial aid requests, update address and email information, change passwords, order books and build their personal degree programs. MyESC connects students to resources to support academic endeavors including library services, learning supports, information about study opportunities and sources of academic support. Key announcements and news items are posted on MyESC and college offices maintain information and contact numbers through this site.

Student Computers

Most SUNY Empire State College locations maintain desktop and laptop computers (PCs) for student use. Students without home access can use these college computers to access their personal records through MyESC. Computers at our New York state locations also may be equipped with academic software for student use. These computers can be used for a variety of learning activities including degree planning; access to the college library website; computer literacy; computer programming; business computer applications (spreadsheets, word processors and database management); computer-mediated instruction; and for studies requiring computation such as statistics, social science research and business quantitative methods.

Each location also maintains a kiosk computer that students can use to connect with MyESC services.


Email is a very important communications method in the college. Every member of the college community has a college email address, and every administrative office uses email to communicate with students. SUNY Empire State College students must have a private email account and maintain a valid email address in our student information system for online registration. Students who do not have an email account can find information for establishing a free service on the IT Service Desk web site. It is important that students report changes in their email addresses to the college. This can be done online at MyESC in Self Service Banner (SSB).

Upon being admitted to the college students receive a college email address that forwards all email to their personal email address on file with the college. On the first day of the first semester they are registered, students receive a permanent college email box and can access email in the MyESC portal.

Online Tools

Many instructors use technology tools to support learning and to promote collaboration. Students may participate in online discussions and submit online assignments through the college’s web-based Learning Management System. Web conferencing is used to connect students and faculty at a distance. Students have access to electronic portfolio space to collect and share their work.

Student, Faculty and Staff Web Pages

The college provides resources for SUNY Empire State College students, faculty and staff to explore individual and professional web publishing for sites that are not considered official college content, but which are related to the author’s role and affiliation with the college.

Enrolled students can request an FTP account on a college server to host a site for course-related purposes. All users agree to follow the college’s web and computer user policies.

For more information about individual Web publishing at the college, please refer to the IT Service Desk web site.

Getting Help

The college’s technology website, has the most current information about all of the college’s technology tools and offers online assistance.

Students in need of technical assistance in using Empire State College technology applications can contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone at 800-847-3000, ext. 2420 or 888-HELP009. Please check the IT Service Desk website for the most current hours of operation.