Security Programs

Crime Prevention Programs

The college provides specialized trainings and crime prevention programs primarily for faculty and staff on an ongoing basis. No formal crime prevention programs for students exists at this time, however, security prevention links are listed on the college website.

SUNY Empire State College, is a nonresidential college. Students are mature adults who live and work in their own communities; many of these communities publicize safety measures and crime prevention information. The Office of Safety & Security website has direct links to local police agencies across New York state; some of these agencies may list information on personal safety and security initiatives.

All employees are advised of building security procedures, personal safety awareness and workplace/domestic violence programs when they begin employment with the college during “new employee orientation” sessions.

Annual notification regarding specific policies and procedures can be found within this document. Specific policy information regarding “Work Place Violence and Domestic Violence” may be located on the college policy web site and on the Office of Safety & Security web site.

Off-site Criminal Activity

SUNY Empire State College is a nonresidential college with no dorms or off-site housing. Off-site groups or associations in a living environment associated with the college do not exist. The Office of Public Safety works frequently and collaboratively with local law enforcement to identify offenses or incidents that occur on or near college facilities. All events conducted in conjunction with SUNY Empire State College, that take place off premises, are considered college events and must follow procedures and codes of conduct in adherence with college policy.