General Safety

Faculty and Staff Members’ Roles

Everyone at SUNY Empire State College has a basic responsibility for his or her own personal safety; faculty and staff have an increased level of responsibility.

Personal Safety

  • Stairwells and out-of-the way corridors: utilize common stairwells and corridors that are traveled most frequently by others.
  • Elevators: if in an elevator with someone who creates an uneasy feeling, get off as soon as possible.
  • Restrooms: be extra cautious when using restrooms that are isolated or poorly lit.
  • After hours: don’t walk alone late at night. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation.
  • Parking lots or garages: always lock the car and roll the windows up all the way. Park in a well-lit area. Carry keys in hand while approaching the vehicle.

Prevention of Crime in the Office

Use your keys, access card/codes properly:

  • Never share them with anyone.
  • Don’t place personal identification on your key rings.
  • Keep your personal keys and your office keys on separate rings.
  • Report lost key rings and access card immediately.
  • Keep purses or wallets on your person or lock them in a drawer or closet.
  • Keep track of serial numbers of any personal items and mark them with your name or initial (e.g., radio).
  • Keep coat racks away from entrances/exits to minimize temptation.
  • Don’t leave your office unattended. Lock it.
  • Have your phone forwarded to another person’s office or to voice mail.
  • Report any lighting deficiencies, broken windows or broken door locks to the facilities maintenance.
  • Don’t allow repairs to security or communication equipment without verifying a written order from the appropriate supervising office.

Computer Security

The Information Technology Services has outlined issues pertaining to computer security – Computer Use Statement, Policies and Procedures – which can be found on the college policy web site. Individuals also may contact our help desk for additional questioning.