Fire Safety, Annual Fire Safety Report

SUNY Empire State College fully recognizes its responsibility to provide both awareness and safety training for faculty, staff and students and undertakes an ambitious program each year. Fire safety and emergency training for faculty and staff begins with discussions about fire prevention and safety during orientation programs. Annual fire inspections are conducted by the Office of Fire Prevention and Control, in conjunction with the Office of Safety & Security.

Smoking is prohibited inside all college facilities.

Fires, Emergency Building Evacuations, Evacuation for People With Physical Disabilities

In the event of fire, a smoke condition or odor of gas:

  • Notify fire departments by accessing an outside line, if applicable, and dialing 911 from any phone or cell phone.
  • Activate the nearest alarm pull station as you leave the building.
  • Follow evacuation instructions.
  • Quickly and calmly evacuate the building from the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators.
  • Do not re-enter a building that is in alarm.
  • Proceed to the previously designated area of refuge and remain there.

Emergency evacuation plans are identified for each college location and posted.

  • It is best to have arrangements preplanned for evacuation assistance. Arrangements can be made to reasonably assure that assistance is provided to anyone who requires it. Contact the Office of Public Safety at 518-587-2100, ext. 2800 for preplan arrangements or questions.
  • If you are unable to evacuate call 911.
  • Remember to never use the elevators.