Building Security

Access to Facilities and Security of Building

Most college locations are open to the public during normal business hours. At night and during periods when classes are not in session, college buildings are generally locked. A security access card system is utilized at various locations. Faculty, staff and a limited number of students, with proper identification are issued keys/access cards to gain entry into buildings. Individuals assigned access cards or keys are responsible for immediately reporting them missing, lost and/or stolen to the Office of Safety & Security.

Saratoga Springs locations offer a key card access control system for all employees to utilize in gaining access to specific secure facilities. Additionally, other monitoring devices have been employed to assist with the overall general safety of the community. SUNY Empire State College utilizes various facilities statewide, security at each of our locations may vary depending on existing infrastructure and in building services provided by individual landlords. Specific questions on a particular location regarding security should be initially directed through the Office of Safety & Security or the executive director of regional operations or the regional operations coordinator’s office for that specific location.

College Facilities

The college’s goal is to provide a campus environment that is as safe and secure as possible. Generally, college buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the college community and the public during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During nonbusiness hours, 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., classrooms and office buildings not in use will remain locked. The college details additional access control and building operations under procedures for Security and Access to Campus facilities.

Note: The college operates various locations after normal business hours for the purposes of the college mission; the executive director of regional operations and regional operations coordinators have discretion to operate outside of normal business hours.

Security and Access to College Facilities Procedure Policy Statement

SUNY Empire State College establishes procedures to ensure the safety of its students and employees.

All procedures follow the listed principles:

  • Normal business hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Main entrances to facilities will be open and auxiliary entrances shall remain secured unless otherwise accommodated for. Facilities that host after-hour events or provide student instructional services may opt to have entrance times vary. The office manager and executive regional director of the location are responsible for variances in times. Additionally, at the discretion of the executive regional director, hours of operation, may vary.
  • Holidays and other college closings: All facilities will be closed and secured during state recognized holidays. Alarm systems will be armed for 24 hours during these dates. Only college personnel with authorization privileges shall be permitted access to the building.
  • Special considerations: SUNY Empire State College hosts various functions and has liberal leave days. During these times facilities operate on limited staffing. When a facility remains open, the receptionist area of the main entrance will be staffed when possible. In buildings with card access, personnel will utilize this option for access to the facilities. Example: during an event such as the All College Conference in Saratoga Springs, the shipping and receiving area will be the primary point of delivery for all college deliveries during times of reduced staffing.

Other General Information

Visitors and Vendors

All visitors are required to utilize main entrances to facilities. They are then required to sign in at the receptionist desk and obtain a visitor/vendor pass for the day. The receptionist/staff assistant will then contact the individual being sought to notify them of the arrival of their visitor(s).

Employees who organize meetings and events after normal working hours are responsible for the facility while the meeting is in session and for ensuring that the building is secured when they leave. The executive director of regional operations and regional operations coordinator and/or office manager of remote locations will oversee access and grant privileges. Please also refer to the Building Use Policy.

The employee identification card should be visibly displayed at all times while in college-controlled facilities or while at functions organized by SUNY Empire State College.

Access Control and Security System

The purpose of the Access Control and Security System is:

  • To improve the security of facilities with an effective policy.
  • To comply with collegewide crime prevention and control objectives.
  • To enable SUNY Empire State College to safeguard the work facilities.
  • To simplify locking policies.
  • To eliminate key duplication.
  • To eliminate unauthorized access.
  • To eliminate the necessity of emergency re-keying and re-coring.
  • To satisfy security concerns of students, faculty and staff.

SUNY Empire State College Student ID Number

At SUNY Empire State College your social security number will not be used as your student identifier. You will be assigned a registration number which will be used to identify your records at the college.

Physical Maintenance of Facilities

The overall maintenance of facilities in Saratoga Springs is conducted through the Office of Administration and Physical Facilities. Deficiencies found at Saratoga Springs facilities are to be reported to Physical Facilities at 518-587-2100, ext. 2925. Periodic safety inspections are conducted by the Office of Safety and Security in conjunction with Physical Facilities. Overall hazards are identified and corrected. Physical security, lighting and general safety items are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Physical deficiencies or hazards found or identified at other SUNY Empire State College locations must be reported directly to the executive director of regional operations or regional operations coordinator. The deficiencies are corrected by the individual maintenance companies or property owners of that respective site. However, any emerging hazard or deficiency that is of a critical nature also should be reported to the Office of Safety and Security in Saratoga Springs at 518-587-2100, ext. 2800

Off-site Student Organizations

The college does not have off-site student organizations or housing facilities.