Student Activities

Alumni Student Association

Many of the college’s locations and programs have active alumni student associations and others are being formed all the time. These associations are overseen by the Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors. The purpose of this federation board is to serve as a liaison with the college, act as an advocate for students and alumni, and to coordinate and provide programs to advance the college and its mission.

Within this framework, the specific activities of the local associations vary according to circumstance and interests. Student recruitment and retention, social, cultural and academic events, online groups, fundraising, graduation planning and academic program support are among the activities the alumni student associations pursue.

With more than 150 events collegewide, there are many opportunities for students and alumni to meet, network and share their stories.

If you are interested in becoming more active in local events and activities, please contact Alumni and Student Relations at 518-587-2100, ext. 2344.

Student Activity Fee Committee

The Student Activity Fee Committee is made up of students representing various locations and programs of the college. Students are selected from nominations received from faculty and staff or they can self-nominate. The committee convenes annually in Saratoga Springs to review all proposals for student activity fee dollars and to decide the allocations. The committee is overseen by the Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors.

Student Representation in College Governance

Students have the opportunity to be a representative for the student body on the college Senate and the Student Affairs Committee. A student must be considered an active student (enrolled in the last three years) and may be elected to two consecutive two-year terms.

Students in College Governance

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) acts on behalf of students in the review and recommendation of all matters of concern to students. The Student Affairs Committee has a faculty or staff representative and student representative from each location. Visit the SAC website.

All active students will be invited to apply by the Office of Student Life through an application process. Thirteen students will be selected from this applicant pool by the current members of the Student Affairs Committee. A rubric will be used to work towards a balanced representation of students with consideration for statewide geographic area, academic areas, online students, the School for Graduate Studies, the School of Nursing and Allied Health, and The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies. Alternates for each student representative will be approved through this process as well.

SUNY Student Assembly

Each SUNY campus has elected student representatives to the SUNY Student Assembly. This governance body represents the interests of SUNY students statewide. The Student Affairs Committee selects the SUNY Empire State College representatives to the SUNY Student Assembly.

Student Engagement Mixers

The students elected to the Student Affairs Committee host bi-annual Student Engagement Mixers that introduce students to the committee representatives and hear suggestions from students about the college. It also is a time to introduce college clubs and organizations and support services available to students.

Student Awards

Each year the Office of Student Life oversees the application and nomination process for the Chancellor’s Awards, the Bluebird Award and the Annual Art Competition. Information on these awards can be found on the Awards and Fellowship web site.


The college holds annual commencement activities across the state where all who have completed their degree requirements during that year are honored. Check the commencement website for more details.

SUNY Empire State College takes great pride in its graduates and their accomplishments. Our staff dedicate themselves to ensuring that our ceremonies are memorable occasions for our graduates and their families. The ceremony is a formal event with speakers, regalia and academic procession and are wonderful opportunities for our students to celebrate earning their college degree.

College Council

The College Council:

  1. Provides advice to the president and college administration.
  2. Represents the State of New York and its taxpayers in affirming that the college is fulfilling its public mission.
  3. Receives information about college programs, budgets, enrollments, facilities and student learning.

One member of the College Council is a SUNY Empire State College student and is recommended by faculty and staff and serves on a rotating basis.

Student Conference

The Student Conference brings together students from all geographic and academic areas of the college to focus on personal and professional development. The conference seeks to provide an arena for developing the professional and leadership skills needed to move forward in one’s chosen field. The conference promotes student to student mentoring, fosters the value of SUNY Empire State College as a learning community and provides opportunities to interact with both faculty and professionals in the field. This event is funded by the student activity fee.

Student Wellness Retreat

Good health is critical to academic success. Each year the college hosts a retreat for students on health and wellness. The theme is “Educate, Experience, Explore.” The workshops range from yoga and meditation to stress management. There are national keynote speakers and entertainment. The health fair hosts more than 30 vendors with free wellness services including biometric screenings, pulmonary function screenings, skin damage screenings, bone density, vision tests, reflexology and more. This event is funded by the student health fee.

Student Leadership Institute

SUNY Empire State College’s Student Leadership Institute gives students a year-long experience that will enable them to gain insight about themselves as leaders. Students will develop and enhance their skills in working with others to achieve common goals and positively impact the world. Students apply to the program during the spring semester and are selected for the program through an application and interview process. For more information, go to the Leadership Institute web site.

Student Clubs and Organizations

SUNY Empire State College recognizes that co-curricular activities greatly enhance a student’s academic experience. To that end, we have a growing group of clubs and organizations at the college that are open to all students; you can find a listing of these at Student Clubs web site. Current clubs promote academic, social and cultural activities for students throughout the college.

Students are encouraged to join existing clubs or explore the creation of a new club. Please reach out to the Office of Student Life with questions at 518-587-2100, ext. 2255. Below you will find the recognition policies that give you an overview of starting a new club. For more information about student clubs, including a current list of active clubs, please visit the Student Clubs web page and review the college's Student Clubs and Organizations Procedures.

Current Clubs at SUNY Empire State College Include

  • Black Male Initiative                       
  • Criminal Justice Club                      
  • Education for All Club                     
  • Graduate Student Collaborative       
  • Human Services Collaborative         
  • LGBTQA Student Alumni Club                            
  • Multicultural Club
  • Music Industry Club
  • Staten Island Sports Club
  • Society for Entrepreneurship
  • Sports Industry Club
  • Student Veterans and Military Club

Contact the Office of Student Life for more information at