Online Courses Offered Through SUNY Empire State College

Online Course Information

Online courses at SUNY Empire State College are a convenient way for you to pursue your studies.  Almost all of our online courses are conducted asynchronously, which means that students don’t have to be in class at a certain time.   A small number of courses (e.g., language courses) require students to participate in synchronous (“real time”) activities.  Online courses are structured so that you can participate each week during the term according to a schedule posted in the course.  Most online classes include a substantial discussion component.   These discussions allow you to interact with the instructor, and with other students, to deepen your understanding of the class material.  As a student in an online class, you should plan to log in to the class regularly and follow the schedule for discussions, readings, and assignments.   Your instructor is available throughout the term to answer questions, provide additional information about course materials, offer feedback on your work, and guide you through the learning experience. 

For more information about our online degree programs and course offerings, please visit SUNY Empire Online.