The following are the Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) codes for the undergraduate programs. Enrollment in any program other than the registered programs may impact student eligibility for certain student aid awards.

Program HEGIS Code
Accounting (B.S.) 0502
Addiction Studies (B.S.) 2101
Allied Health (B.S.) 1201
The Arts (B.A., B.S., B.P.S.) 1001
The Arts (A.A., A.S.) 5610
Business Administration (B.S.) 0506
Business and Environmental Sustainability (CERT) 5099
Business, Management and Economics (B.A., B.S., B.P.S.) 0501
Business, Management and Economics (A.A., A.S.) 5001
Child Care Worker (CERT) 5503
Community and Human Services (B.A., B.S., B.P.S.) 2101
Community and Human Services (A.A., A.S.) 5506
Cultural Studies (B.A., B.S.) 1599
Cultural Studies (A.A., A.S.) 5615
Educational Studies (B.A., B.S.) 0801
Educational Studies (A.A., A.S.) 5608
Global Indigenous Knowledge (CERT) 5699
Historical Studies (B.A., B.S.) 2205
Historical Studies (A.A., A.S.) 5622
Human Development (B.A., B.S.) 2001
Human Development (A.A., A.S.) 5620
Human Resource Management (B.S.) 0515
Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Studies (B.A., B.S., B.P.S.) 4901
Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Studies (A.A., A.S.) 5699
Labor Studies (B.A., B.S., B.P.S.) 0516
Labor Studies (A.A., A.S.) 5004
Management (B.S.) 0506
Manufacturing Management (CERT) 5099
Nursing (B.S.N.) 1203.10
Psychology (B.A.) 2001
Public Affairs (B.A., B.S., B.P.S.) 2199
Science, Mathematics and Technology (B.A., B.S.) 4902
Science, Mathematics and Technology (A.A., A.S.) 5699
Security Studies (B.S.) 2102
Social Science (B.A., B.S.) 2201
Social Science (A.A., A.S.) 5622
Technology (B.P.S.) 4902