Degree Completion

When you have successfully completed your degree studies, your location staff will review all your academic records, and, when all is in order, forward a recommendation for degree conferral to the Office of the Registrar and Student Accounts. The registrar’s staff performs a final review of your complete academic record, while Student Accounts performs a final review of your student financial account.

When the academic clearance is completed, the registrar assigns a degree award date. Although your degree will be awarded upon academic clearance, you will not be issued a diploma, transcript or degree verification letter until all outstanding financial obligations to the college have been met. You will receive an invitation to attend the next commencement ceremony.

Rates of Degree Completion1

All Students

Entering Fall 20132055
Graduated by Fall 2019974
Completion Rate (%)47.40%


Entering Fall 2013884
Graduated by Fall 2019424
Completion Rate (%)47.96%


Entering Fall 20131171
Graduated by Fall 2019550
Completion Rate (%)46.97%

Source of data: Decision Support Annual Retention Cube (Data Warehouse)