Certificate in Global Indigenous Knowledge

If you want to understand Indigenous issues in global context, this certificate is for you.

In the 21st century, understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is crucial for developing globalized competence. This certificate helps students address global responsibilities, responds to the current climate in the US, and expands the offerings to students for more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) programming at the college.

This certificate includes courses that represent tribal and indigenous perspectives from Africa, the Americas, and across the globe. At only 16 credits, the Global Indigenous Knowledge (GIK) certificate addresses many DEI concerns that you can apply to a wide range of interests and draw on in many careers, from the environment to business, human services, politics, and more.


To meet the needs of multiple communities in national and international contexts, the certificate is adaptable to diverse Indigenous peoples from around the world. Students will take the following courses:

  •     Introduction to Indigenous Knowledge and Thought.
  •     Contextualizing Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective OR Contemporary Issues, Resilience, and Transformation in Indigenous Knowledge.
  •     Approved Elective on Indigenous Peoples OR Writing the Indigenous Knowledge PLA (to replace Approved Elective course).
  •     Applied Experience.

Electives include:

INDG 2010Introduction to Native American Studies4
HIST 2015Native American Histories & Cultures: Introduction4
INDG 3015First Peoples of North America4
INDG 3005Anishinaabe Studies: History Culture & the Environment4
INDG 3020Living History: Little Bighorn from a Cheyenne Perspective4
LITR 3080Native American Literature4
ARTS 3080Arts of Native North America4
HIST 3335Mesoamerican Art & History Aztec & Maya Civilizations4
HIST 3435Southeastern Native History & Culture4
INDG 4010Native American Plants: Decolonizing Indigenous Knowledge4
INDG 4015Native American Women’s Studies4
INDG 4020Public History: The Native American Experience4
INDG 4025Roots & Routes of African Diaspora Resistance4
INMS 4025Topics in Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Studies (Endangered Languages)4
ARTS 4040Indigenous Knowledge in Art4

How you will learn

The GIK offers a variety of formats, including online, blended, and residency models; themes include Environmental Sustainability, Spirituality, Oral Histories, Social Justice, Art and Culture as well as native-focused issues and solutions.

Learn More

To learn more about how to incorporate the GIK Certificate into your degree program, please talk with your mentor and/or contact Program Director Dr. Rhianna Rogers Rhianna.Rogers@esc.edu.