Dynamics of Nonprofit Board Engagement, Microcredential

The School for Graduate Studies awards a 3-credit Micro-certificate in dynamics of nonprofit board engagement upon successful completion of the 3-credit course:

MGMT 6002 Dynamics of Nonprofit Board Engagement (3 cr.)

The success of a nonprofit board depends on the skills of its members. “the principal roles of the board of directors are to represent the public (or membership) interests in the organization and to represent the organization as its legal voice” (Bryce, 2017paragraph 1). This will result in duties that include, but are not limited to, obtaining and supporting operations that are consistent with nonprofit organizations, aiding in fundraising for the board, and acting in the best interest of the board and its role in society. Students in this course will study how a nonprofit board operates, the required financial management skills, the ethical values of a nonprofit and its board members, and how nonprofit organizations affect their stakeholders. This course is offered as a standalone micro-credential or as one of three courses in the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Board Leadership. Both programs are affiliated with Empire State College's Women's Corporate Leadership Academy.


  • Current SUNY Empire State College graduate students may enroll as they would any other SUNY Empire graduate course using MyESC.
  • Non-SUNY Empire State College graduate students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution may enroll in the course by following the graduate non-degree study process.