Dynamics of Corporate Board Engagement, Microcredential

The School for Graduate Studies awards a 3-credit Micro-certificate in dynamics of corporate board engagement upon successful completion of the 3-credit course:

MGMT 6001Dynamics of Corporate Board Engagement3

Some of the competencies associated with serving on a corporate board include the ability to guide the mission, purpose, vision, and core values of the organization; develop a management structure and select a well-functioning executive staff; drive the strategic goals of the organization; monitor and evaluate all facets of organizational performance; maintain fiduciary responsibility; and, ensure compliance with legal, ethical, and regulatory standards. MGMT 6001 will discuss each of these competencies and their importance for corporate board members. This course is offered as a standalone micro-credential or as one of three courses in the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Board Leadership. Both programs are affiliated with Empire State College's Women's Corporate Leadership Academy.


  • Current SUNY Empire State College graduate students may enroll as they would any other SUNY Empire graduate course using MyESC.
  • Non-SUNY Empire State College graduate students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution may enroll in the course by following the graduate non-degree study process.