Healthcare Management, Advanced Certificate

Students may begin this 12-credit certificate in the fall, spring or summer terms. The required courses and suggested sequence are as follows:

MGMT 6040High Performance Management3
HCLM 6075Managing Healthcare Systems3
HCLM 6080Health Policy & Management3
HCLM 7005Strategic Corporate Communication & Inter-professional Collaboration3
Total Credits12

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Formulate healthcare system goals and the components
  • Understand the distribution of healthcare resources and their relationship to delivery of care
  • Analyze and understand various leadership characteristics and strategies
  • Apply strategies and techniques of organizational goal development, deployment and management of resources, and leadership of health care teams to professional experiences
  • Analyze the concepts of professional accountability, patients' rights, and code of conduct and relate these concepts to ethical challenges faced by students in their professional settings
  • Identify key trends external to the healthcare field that may influence healthcare management
  • Consider the roles and relationships among various organizational functions
  • Apply business skills through the translation of strategic visions into operational plans for healthcare organizations
  • Display critical thinking in any capacity that requires decision making
  • Analyze barriers to and strategies for effective communication in leadership roles in the healthcare industry